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Worlds most dangerous jobs - Looking for a job ?

According to various Labor Surveys and Labor Right establishments from around the world, there are millions of people who risk their lives at their jobs- daily. The BLS or the US Bureau of Labor Statistics is the governing body that usually lists out worlds most dangerous jobs, annually. Some of the jobs that have made it to the list of the worlds most dangerous jobs are, in essence, pretty unlikely to be termed as being dangerous. So, what are the yardsticks that are used to determine whether a job is dangerous or not? What are the main pointers and indices that enable a job to be a part of the list of the worlds most dangerous jobs? Well, fatality rate is one of the main yardsticks that are used to assess the kind of danger involved in a job. At times, the average annual salary is also factored in to assess the peril involved in being a part of a job. Some statistic institutions also factor in the number of fatalities per total number of people doing the job at any given time. We have tried to compile a list of some of the worlds most dangerous jobs in this write up. The ranking and order might change, depending upon the stats, but the overall essence remains the same.Fishermen and related jobs: This category tops the list of worlds most dangerous jobs. Apart from being a job with a high fatality rate, the chance of being lost at sea aggravates the risk to an all new level and makes professional fishing one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. The fatality rate in such jobs is pegged at 141 (approx) and the average annual salary is slightly less than $20,000.Flight engineers and professional aircraft pilots: The risk of a crash, coupled with the risk of a hijack and the risk of developing chronic diseases makes the job of flight engineers and professional aircraft pilots a hell of a job. Besides, flight engineers are also supposed to work at run-time, usually with larger than life moving parts of a plane- making this one of the worlds most dangerous jobs.Logging workers: Logging workers face a constant risk of being cut by their own tools or being crushed under a tree falling at a place, other than anticipated. This uncertainty and a relatively low annual salary make this one of the worlds most dangerous jobs.Iron workers and structural steel workers: People into welding jobs, those doing steel-work at high-rise buildings and people indulging in similar sorts of jobs, are at a really high risk of death while at job, reveals the BLS. The risk of getting a shock due to faulty equipment and falling off a high rise building enables this job group to be a part of the list of worlds most dangerous jobs.Recycle waste collectors: Well, this is an unlikely entry into our list of worlds most dangerous jobs, but a fatality rate of 41.8 (which is pretty high!), makes it a candidate. The chances of being bitten by snakes and being attacked by wild animals while picking up material waste and the risk of acquiring a cut or a bruise on the skin by broken pieces of glass etc. are to be held responsible for such a high fatality rate.Farmers: Yes, farming is also in our list of worlds most dangerous jobs, and guess what, the main cause of fatalities amongst the farmer community are attributed to being struck by lightening! The fatality rate of farmers is around 37, and hence this profession is certainly one of the most perilous in the world currently!Electricians: Although, this entry should have been amongst the topmost entries, the fatality rate of electricians is still low. Pegged at 35, the fatality rate of electricians is enough to make them a part of our list of worlds most dangerous jobs.Roof workers: The risk of falling from the roof and falling prey to heavy winds make it a risky job.Highways drivers and truck drivers:The risk of road accidents, the vehicle catching a fire and the risk of being hurt by burglars and highway pirates makes this job one of the worlds most dangerous jobs.Miners: Yes, you guessed it right. Mining is, and has always been a dangerous profession. Lack of air supply and the high probability of being trapped underground make it one of the most risky jobs in the world today.

Worlds tallest man-

Recognized as the tallest living man in the world at present, Bao Xishun is a Mongolian herdsman of world acclaim. He is recognized as being the worlds tallest man by the Guinness Book of World Records and is 7 feet 9 inches, or 2.36m tall. The title of being the worlds tallest man has had to pass through some rough patches in the last few months.Bao’s title of being the worlds tallest man was conceded to Leonid Stadnyk, a Ukrainian by nationality, but was returned back to him earlier this year after Stadnyk refused to be measured by the Guinness authorities according to their rules and regulations. Xishun, born in 1951, is said to have measured 236 cm in a hospital at the Chifeng city in China. Two other people, both from Asia- Ajaz Ahmed and Vikas Uppal, have claimed to be over 8 feet tall, but neither of them has been able to prove their claims according to the format laid down by the Guinness Book of World records. Bao is supposed to have grown at a normal pace till he was 16 years old, after which he experienced this sudden surge in size and ended up with his present height of 7 feet 9 inches just seven years later, at the age of 23. Bao later served the Liberation Army for a span of three years and also played in the army basketball team. After serving the army for a span of more than three years, the worlds tallest man started complaining of rheumatism and related problems, which is attributed to his sleeping in the outdoors during his childhood, rather than being unconventionally tall.The worlds tallest man is a celebrated man all over the world. His wedding is supposed to be a famous one for his small, rather sleepy hometown. The wedding was supposedly sponsored by a dozen companies and the guests were invited from all over the world. Bao also holds quite a number of endorsement deals with companies, and spends most of his time promoting these products all over China.Bao’s story of becoming the worlds tallest man is a rather fascinating one. When he had retired himself out of the Liberation army, after feeling the pain associated with rheumatism, Bao took quite some time to find a new job. He was offered the job of a ‘greeter’ at a local restaurant. This is where Bao came in solemn contact with a lot of people, some of whom were associated with the media and therefore, gave him the attention he had always desired and deserved. Bao became an instant success with the media and was very popular in his own nation. It was the local media only that is believed to have applied to the Guinness Book of World records on Bao’s behalf to nominate him for being the worlds tallest man. He was measured to be taller than the previous record holder Radhuaone Charbib by about 2mm, and thus, at the age of 40, Bao was officially entitled as being the worlds tallest man.Bao has been known as a kind man all over the world. One of the most famous incidents that have earned Bao the reputation of being a kind hearted person is when Bao saved the lives of two Dolphins in 2006. The dolphins are believed to swallowed plastic shards by mistake, which had led to a sudden deterioration of health. When the veterinarians had failed to remove those shards from the dolphins’ stomachs, Bao was called upon to help remove them. The worlds tallest man, with his 1.06m long hand helped in removing those plastic shards right from within the stomachs of the dolphins. Everything that Bao has done in his life has been a much discussed affair, especially after he got listed in the Guinness Book of World records as the worlds tallest man. His marriage to a saleswoman belonging to the town of Chifeng-which also happens to be Bao’s own hometown-was largely discussed in the local media, especially owing to the fact that his wife was literally half his age and size.There have been a lot of apprehensions about Bao and his life, but one thing has clearly stood up- that Bao is a true gentleman, who loves to enjoy the status of being the worlds tallest man.

Worlds Tallest Building - Welcome to Taipei 101!

There has been a lot of speculation about the worlds tallest building, and most of it has arisen due to the ways in which buildings are defined. The Council on tall buildings and urban habitat, defines a building as an architectural structure that is inhabited by human beings. Therefore, with that definition, the Taipei 101 is officially, the worlds tallest building. The building tops at a whopping height of 1671 feet. The Burj, Dubai is the worlds tallest structure, but it is still not considered to be the worlds tallest building as it is still under construction and is not inhabited by people, as yet. Once complete, the Burj is all set to break the records and take the crown of being the worlds tallest building, but this dream will still take some time to materialize.Located at Taipei, People's Republic of China, the Taipei 101 has been accredited as being the worlds tallest building by the council on tall buildings and urban habitat. Again, there has been some speculation about the tallest building in the world, but by definition, a structure is defined as a building when it is inhabited by residents and going by this definition, the Taipei 101 scores the maximum points. Designed to withstand natural calamities like quakes and typhoons, the worlds tallest building also happens to be one of the safest ones. The worlds tallest building is so named because it is situated in Taipei's 101 district (101 being the mailing code of the district) and the worlds tallest building also happens to encompass 101 floors in it. So, it is both a utilitarian as well as a symbolic name.The worlds tallest building is owned by the Taipei Financial Center Corporation, based at Chicago. While the Burj, Dubai, stands taller than Taipei 101, but still, the title of being the worlds tallest building rests with Taipei 101 as of March 2009. By September 2009, the Burj is expected to be inhabited by people. The worlds tallest building also has a number of other titles to its name- be it the title of hosting the largest New Year countdown clock or being accredited with having the fastest elevator speed, Taipei 101 has a number of interesting titles to its name. The Taipei 101 was designed, keeping in mind the concept of Axis Mundi, which is supposed to be the center of the world and is supposed to be the place where the sky and the Earth meet. The Taipei 101 has been described as a modern architectural marvel and it has also been supplied with some of the best interiors that any modern building can have. With an interconnected network of fiber optic cables and a nicely managed data center, the worlds tallest building allows internet transfer speeds of up to one gigabyte per second. The worlds tallest building is also seen as a perfect blend of traditional concepts and modern architecture. The building is designed keeping feng Shui in mind and the Feng Shui fountain right outside the worlds tallest building gives you an essence of just that. Within the Taipei 101, signs of abundance, cycles of time and a lot of other medieval concepts have been incorporated and serve as a treat to the eye. The list of tenants of the worlds tallest building includes some of the most respected names of the world. From Starbucks Coffee, McKinsey and Company, The Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation and GoldBank of Taiwan to Google, Taiwan- the worlds tallest building is home to some of the most revered names from all over the world.

Worlds Fastest Computer
Roadrunner - Roadrunner is miles ahead of the competition

On the dawn of 25th of May, 2008, IBM unveiled their gentle giant- the ‘roadrunner’. Do not mistake it with the cute little cartoon character that your children enjoy watching on the TV, the roadrunner is actually the worlds fastest computer at present, and it is capable of processing 1.7 petaflops. On May 25th, the computer had achieved 1.06 petaflops, making it the worlds fastest computer. This lean and hungry machine is not a child’s toy and it is priced at an eye-popping amount of $133 million.Built by IBM at the Los Alamos Laboratory in New Mexico, this is truly a one of its kind supercomputer, primarily because of the fact that this machine is built mostly on commodity parts, available off the shelf at any hardware store. The worlds fastest computer boasts of some great design techniques, which have made it one of the marvel of modern engineering and computer architecture.Built for the National nuclear security administration department, this computer has 12960 IBM powerXcell 8i CPUs in conglomeration with 6480 AMD opteron microprocessor systems. These systems are connected via a new technique of CPU-Processor connection, known as the infiniband, using blade server architecture. Running on Fedora and Red hat enterprise editions, the worlds fastest computer is as easy to work with as any other computing device. Designed to predict the vulnerability and the safety of America’s ageing nuclear weapons, the worlds fastest computer computes the reaction of nuclear components and ingredients as time progresses. The roadrunner is a massive machine, and occupies almost 550 square meter of space.The main area where the worlds fasts computer differs from a lot of other super computers is the fact that it uses a combination of two architectures wherein each AMD 64 opteron processor is combined in a hybrid architecture with a ‘cell’, manufactured by IBM using its patented ‘power architecture’ technology.the building process of the roadrunner was divided into three broad phases. The first phase was concerned with the development of a cluster, on a smaller scale, of the AMD 64- Cell combination and to check its feasibility on a larger scale. The second phase was primarily concerned with building a prototype using the clusters developed in the first phase. The third phase was dedicated to reach a peak performance, which was aimed to be measured in petaflops. Additional clusters, architectural enhancements and some additional powerXcell systems were arranged in order to breach the petaflops limit. Thus the worlds fastest computer was born on May 25th, 2008. Containing two different kinds of processors, one being for calculations and the other for performing normal computer functions (such as bootstrapping, process scheduling and memory management), the worlds fastest computer is an architectural marvel. The two cores of computations in the worlds fastest computer are the AMD opteron and the IBM powerXcell. While the Opteron runs at 1.8 GHz, the PowerXcell runs at 3.2 GHz. The roadrunner utilizes a total of 122400 cores, with roughly 6000 coming from the Opteron and the rest coming from the PowerXcell. The computational unit of the roadrunner is the ‘triblade’, which consists of two dual core opterons with 16 GB of RAM and four powerXcells, containing their own additional 16 GB of RAM. The complete CU or the computational unit is the main unit of computation in the roadrunner and consists of 180 such triblades, with each of these triblades connected to a 288 port Voltaire infiband switch. The Panasas file system is implemented through twelve system servers. Each triblade, therefore, has to pass though one of these servers to access the Panasas files system.The overall structure which emerges out as the complete roadrunner model consists of eighteen CUs, or connected units, which are connected through a second infiniband switch. The whole architecture is a mammoth structure and is testimony to the huge computing potential of the worlds fastest computer, setting it far apart from the rest of the competition.


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